Should we install wood slats vertically or horizontally?

Are wood slats a material that interests you to refresh your home? We understand you! This type of wall covering gently dresses the space to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You’ve chosen the style of slats you want in the shade you like the most. Now you are wondering which way to install the wood panels. Is it better to have wooden slats vertically or horizontally? Our wall decoration experts give you their advice:

Vertical wooden planks

First of all, the main advantage of installing wood planks vertically is the feeling of height that this type of installation creates. Indeed, the wooden panels placed from top to bottom elongate the walls. It gives the illusion that the ceiling is higher than it really is.

Placing wood planks vertically is a great way to counterbalance horizontal lines already present in the room such as shelves, counters or tables.

It is a popular type of installation in Scandinavian, modern or contemporary style homes. Our specialists suggest installing vertical wooden planks as an accent wall in a bedroom, living room or office.

Vertical planks take a bit more effort to set up. However, this is not a problem for you since our wallcovering experts offer a turnkey installation service!

To add a unique and unexpected touch to your walls, vertical wooden planks are the solution. Discover below the Element style offered in 6 shades.

Vertical slats in the style Element 6

Horizontal wooden planks

On the other hand, wooden planks installed horizontally give the impression that the room is visually larger and more spacious. Indeed, it creates an effect of depth in a normally uninteresting room.

This is a popular installation style in rustic, beach house or traditional inspired homes. It is most often found as an accent wall in the living room, dining room or entryway. Laying planks horizontally is a good technique to counterbalance the vertical lines in a room with a lot of cabinetry.

In addition, there is another advantage to keep in mind when making a decision. Horizontal wood planks are easier to install as they lay one on top of the other.

For a trendy and timeless wall, horizontal wood planks are the option to choose. Check out the Alb style below.

3D slats in the style Alb

How to install wooden planks

At last, you have chosen in which direction to install the wood planks. Now is the time to put them on the wall. Whether it is horizontally or vertically, we are convinced that the result will be magnificent! Lucky for you, the specialists at Vertika Design offer you their turnkey installation service. Book a free consultation with the Vertika Design expert in your area to find out how we can help you complete your wall covering project.


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